Father Daughter Face Swap Video Is As Hilarious As It Is Horrifying

Facial recognition and digital reconstruction tech has lead to a lot of growing fears recently, with smart phones using face ID as a controversial form of authentication, and neural nets producing new, passable faces from big data. But none of the recent face-tech breakthroughs have been anywhere near as horrifying (at least in the immediate sense) as this clip of a live father-daughter face swap combo. As far as nightmare fuel is concerned, “QUEEN BABY: Food Critic” is ultra-high octane.

The video, which comes via Laughing Squid, was made by Kansas City comedian and YouTuber Woodsie using the Face Swap Live app. He’s made numerous other videos swapping his mustachioed mug with one or both of his daughters, but this one, which is all about Woodsie’s “hot garbage” supper and his younger daughter Violet acting as the royal food critic, probably takes the cake for most disturbing. Although the video of Violet’s second birthday, which involves a glimpse of Woodsie’s babified face, is certainly a close second.

The only description Woodsie provides for the video is a brief caption noting that Violet is “like a tiny drunk Gordon Ramsay.” And while Violet has the disgruntled and disapproving food critic part of that personality down, she’d probably need to swear about a thousand times more in order to completely pull off her take on the famous TV chef.

What do you think about this face swap video? Do you think if Woodsie showed this to Violet she’d be scarred for life? Give us your thoughts in the comments below!

Images: Woodsie TV, ITV Studios

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