FAST & FURIOUS Franchise Is Just Like THE LORD OF THE RINGS, Obviously

We are all about modern-day mythologies. But according to one Vin Diesel, it’s not easy keeping that much story alive. And he thinks The Lord of the Rings‘ author, J.R.R. Tolkien, could relate to the plight of the Fast & Furious franchise as they continue to grow, and grow, and grow, their story. Does this The Lord of the Rings comparison work for the Fast & Furious? Let’s take a look.

Speaking to Variety, Diesel comments that the true difficulty of continuing the Fast franchise is in “the thinking, the expanding. There’s a reason why Tolkien stopped writing after a while because it’s so hard to continue mythologies.” It’s a leap one could take, but we’re willing to follow it down the line. As the interviewer puts it, Fast & Furious might be “The Lord of the Rings of action movies.” Well, why not?

Fast and Furious meets Lord of the Rings
Universal/New Line Cinema

Diesel completes the meditation by taking on an ostensible Tolkien persona and commenting, “I should have stopped after The Hobbit.” Well, we know that’s not true. But should Fast & Furious have stopped before it went to space? Also, definitely not.

That’s the fun of building a sprawling mythology, after all. There’s just no telling what will come next. Who knows what we might see in Fast X? The family could take on Mordor next. Now that would be a Fast & Furious meets The Lord of the Rings twist no one saw coming.

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