FAST AND FURIOUS Might Actually Blast Off into Outer Space

It seems at this point like there is nothing that will ever stop the Fast And Furious franchise from maintaining prosperity. The Fate Of The Furious, the eighth movie in the series that hit theaters back in April, has grossed over 1.2 billion dollars worldwide, and that could be due in part to how outrageous the stunts are getting: The movie features tanks, submarines, literal swarms of cars, and everything else an nine-year-old with an active imagination would ever want in an action flick.

Believe it or not, things could get even more intense, to the point where planet Earth couldn’t contain all the action. In a recent conversation with Screen Rant, director F. Gary Gray would not rule out the possibility of a future Fast And Furious movie taking place in outer space. His words exactly:

“Outer space? Listen, I wouldn’t rule anything with this franchise. When I read submarine, I’m like, ‘OK, anything’s possible.’ You never know. I haven’t read Dom on Mars yet, but again, you just never know.”

Apparently, the movie going to space is a common joke in the film industry, but it turns out that might not be that much of a farce after all. Maybe Dom and the gang will partner with Elon Musk and make use of some SpaceX technology; who knows? At the very least, this shows that the franchise won’t rule out any ideas for being too ridiculous, as long as they lend themselves to some intense action.Would you watch a Fast And Furious movie that takes place among the stars? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Featured image: Fast & Furious

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