FAST & FURIOUS Franchise Could Speed Back to the Streets in the Future

Just when you thought that the Fast & Furious stories might be running out of gas, there is still something in the tank after all. Somehow, this street racing franchise is ten movies in with an eleventh installment coming in 2026. It has taken a bizarre journey that is truly for the film history books. Who ever thought they would end up in literal space? But, as NBCUniversal Studio Chief Donna Langley told Variety, the Fast & Furious franchise will likely continue with other movies or even a spinoff series of some sort. Vin Diesel’s hints about a possible 12th movie seem to be accurate.

Vin Diesel in a black sleeveless t-shirt standing against a black car with black smoke behind it
Universal Pictures

“Where we go next is a question,” Langley said. “We may pivot another time and bring it back to the streets of L.A. and maybe make it a more intimate story.” She also heavily hinted that the universe is also well-suited for a TV ride. Perhaps handing some new characters the keys and speeding off in a fresh direction is what this franchise needs.

Brian’s son Jack or maybe Dom and Letty’s son Brian could be the next one in the driver’s seat. Or going to a time period in the past to explore street racing could also work. Either way, everyone who is annoyed that the Fast and Furious franchise will keep going might as well get over it. Accept that family is everything and will never, ever go away.

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