We Put Our FAR CRY 5 Skills to the Test IRL

Editor’s note: This post is sponsored by Ubisoft’s Far Cry 5

In Ubisoft’s hotly anticipated new video game Far Cry 5, the world is your incredibly destructive, explosive, and straight-up bonkers oyster. The game, which hits shelves everywhere on March 27, is an open-world, action/adventure first-person shooter that lets you do essentially anything you want. If you visit the game’s website, you can see that Far Cry 5‘s core design philosophy is “Anything can happen. Everything Will.” Basically, if you can dream it, you can explode it, which was largely my experience when I played a demo of the game at last year’s E3. Set in the fictional world of Hope County, Montana, it’s up to you (and a few friends) to help liberate the citizens of Hope County from a fanatical doomsday cult who is ruling over the people with an iron fist. But you won’t be going it alone; you’ll be able to enlist the aid of elite snipers like Grace Armstrong, canine compatriots like Boomer the dog, and many more.

With so much freedom waiting at our digital fingertips, we couldn’t help but wonder how we would fare with some of Far Cry 5‘s challenges in real life. Before we plunge headlong into the open-world awesomeness of the game, we decided to put our skills to the test in the real world. Nerdist partnered with Ubisoft and 511 Tactical to send Kyle Hill, Erika Ishii, and me to train under the guidance of Army veteran Rick Hogg ( War HOGG Tactical) and take our skills to the next level. During our time under Rick’s tutelage, we learned how to improve our marskmanship, how to drive like Hollywood stunt performers, how to train a dog for use in high pressure situations, and much more. Just how did we do? Watch the video above and see our explosive results for yourself.

And please remember: do NOT try anything in the video above at home. We did so under the careful supervision of trained professionals.

Far Cry 5 is available on March 27, 2018 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. Head to  FarCry.com in order to learn more and pre-order today!

Images: Ubisoft

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