Fantasy Flight Announces App-Driven LORD OF THE RINGS Cooperative Game

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Hot off the press is Fantasy Flight Games’ announcement of The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle Earth. This fully cooperative adventure game will support 1-5 players and, most interestingly, is app-driven. This immediately conjures drifting thoughts towards FFG’s Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition.


Let’s forget about the app for a moment–the most significant aspect of this release is in how it combines an overland adventure game (think Runebound) with zoomed in tactical encounters (think Descent/Mansions of Madness). This is pretty wild and unique.

The only design that’s walked a similar path is Folklore: The Affliction, a solid game that executed pretty strongly on its bold concept. Journeys in Middle Earth looks like a more refined and streamlined game, one with a sense of maturity that often accompanies FFG products.

There’s also an interesting sense of authorship granted to the players. It looks to combine heroes from disparate periods of Middle Earth (The Hobbit and the Ring trilogy), allowing you to forge your own unique stories. There’s a real possibility this game offers a playground and invites participants to do what they will. In this way, the narrative may adapt and wrap around your actions as opposed to enforcing a strict series of story beats.

The final quality of note is in the reference to this being a core set. That, of course, implies expansions and continued support. We’re excited to see how the execution of this design plays out and the future of this new exciting line.


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