Fans Creatively Hack A Japanese NES Classic And DIY An SNES Classic

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If the holiday season proved anything, it’s that Nintendo’s classic gaming fans are willing to fully embrace the retro titles that dominated the ’80s. The NES Classic was almost impossible to find, even though most of the included games have relatively easy availability through Nintendo’s Virtual Console. If we’re being honest, the NES Classic itself was designed to be more of a decoration than a fully functional system. It may look like a tiny NES, but it could be quite a bit smaller. In fact, a fan in Japan has already figured out to transplant the Famicom Mini (the equivalent of the NES Classic) into a Game Boy!

Via Fortune, Kei Studio has released a video on YouTube that shows off a Famicom Mini’s successful transition into the shell of a Famicom Pocket, which is Japan’s name for the Game Boy. Rather than simply being content with the final product, Kei Studio went into excruciating detail on how their operation was achieved. It’s interesting for those into hacking old electronics.

It seems likely that Nintendo’s American and Japanese branches will eventually release a SNES Classic or a Super Famicom Mini that resembles the original consoles as they appeared in each country. And while we would welcome that development, a fan named  Anthony Caccese has already figured out a way to put an SNES inside a SNES controller!

More accurately, Caccese has placed a Raspberry Pi Zero inside of an SNES controller that includes an SNES emulator and an internal battery that can be recharged. It’s also a plug and play device that can be hooked up to any TV with an HDMI cable. This was also a build that required a lot of skill to pull off, but we can’t argue with Caccese’s results.

What did you think about these custom Nintendo modifications? Would you like to see future Nintendo classic systems embrace smaller containers? Let us know in the comment section below!

Image Credit: Kei Studio

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