Fan Video Shows the Similarities Between SOLO and THE LAST JEDI’s Ships

Star Wars fans are in the midst of a drought. Although Solo: A Star Wars Story drops on digital on September 14 and Blu-ray on September 25, there will be a severe lack of new Star Wars film content until Episode IX details start trickling out. And for Star Wars shippers, the wait will feel even longer. So while we contemplate what’s going on with our favorite Star Wars couples, the popular Star Wars legacy Twitter account put together a video comparing the end of Solo: A Star Wars Story and the end of The Last Jedi.

The Last Jedi ended with a brief Force bond moment between Rey and Kylo Ren, who communicated that way throughout the film with varying levels of intensity. Rey and Kylo share a few seconds of charged eye contact before Rey closes the door of the Millennium Falcon and leaves Kylo and the First Order behind and departs Crait.

And as the above video depicts, the end of Solo features a similar departure, with Qi’ra leaving for Dathomir with Han Solo watching her ship fly away from Savareen. While the cuts are a bit out of order, the sentiment is the same: both films ended with Solo men watching the women they love leave them to do their own thing. We dig this parallel, intentional or not.

Did you pick up on this echo? Do you ship Qi’ra and Han? And which Star Wars ship is your favorite? Let’s discuss!

Images: Lucasfilm

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