Fan-Made GHOST RIDER Trailer Shows a Blazing Keanu Reeves

At some point, Ghost Rider is going to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Actually, depending on where Agents of SHIELD currently stands in canon, there might already be a Ghost Rider in the MCU. (We’re all still a little fuzzy on all that). But when he does return, though, it will probably be in an all-new form. And with an all-new actor in the role. So, not Gabriel Luna. And almost certainly not Nicolas Cage again.

So, how about Keanu Reeves? He’s certainly got the right energy for it. And not just because he played motorcycle stuntman Duke Caboom in Toy Story 4. One YouTuber by the name of stryder HD has imagined what a Keanu Ghost Rider film might look like. And they’ve made a fun fan trailer for this movie we all cross our fingers will happen. You can watch the full Ghost Rider trailer down below.

Aside from footage from the two Nicolas Cage Ghost Rider films from the 2000s, the Robbie Reyes version from Agents of SHIELD also pops up. not to mention Keanu’s films like John Wick and Constantine. Maybe most surprising is his opening dialogue from the trailer, which describes the classic Marvel Comics origin story to a tee. It just so happens it’s from a totally different kind of movie.

The Danny Ketch version of Ghost Rider.
Marvel Comics

Fans have long wanted the actor to join the MCU, and he is certainly open to the idea. And while there are several characters he could eventually portray, we have to admit, this fan trailer has kind of sold us on Keanu Reeves as Ghost Rider. Live-action incarnations of the Spirit of Vengeance have been the Johnny Blaze and Robbie Reyes versions.

Fan made image of Keanu Reeves as Ghost Rider.
stryder HD

Maybe Keanu could fill the boots and black leather jacket of Danny Ketch? The ’90s Ghost Rider certainly has a following to this day, so why not? We just need some Keanu on a flaming motorcycle as soon as possible.

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