Fan-Favorite Character Argyle Will Not Return in STRANGER THINGS 5

Hold onto your butts, brochachos. Some sad news is coming your way. Despite being an obvious breakout character in Stranger Things 4, everyone’s favorite pineapple-loving, pizza-making, chill vibes bro, Argyle will not be coming back for Stranger Things 5. Argyle was easily the best part of the California storyline in Stranger Things 4. He also added a sense of peace and levity to the otherwise high-strung and dramatic world of Stranger Things. Plus, Argyle stuck by Jonathan and the gang through thick and literally insane. They couldn’t have beat Vecna without him. But sadly, here’s what Argyle’s actor, Eduardo Franco had to say about his return (or lack thereof) to Stranger Things‘ world.

It’s obvious that even the interviewer seems to really believe that Argyle will return in Stranger Things 5 when he poses the question to Franco. The interviewer refers to the below photo that shows the cast of Stranger Things 5 as production begins; Eduardo Franco’s Argyle is, of course, not pictured. In response, fans loudly hoped that this ommission was simply a day one absence.

But unfortunately, there is no mystery to the lack of Franco in the image. The question of whether Argyle is in Stranger Things 5 has a clear-cut answer. Eduardo Franco shares of Argyle’s Stranger Things fate, “I appreciate that. It’s nice to hear that there’s some sort of concern or something. But I never got a phone call. So I think that’s it.”

Eduardo Franco not coming back as Argyle in Stranger Things 5

Hopefully, after the outcry following this interview, Franco will get at least a phone call. Stranger Things is notorious for having characters that only last one season. (And good characters, at that!) But typically, these characters don’t make it to a second outing because they’re dead. But Argyle is certainly still kicking in the Stranger Things universe. We suppose if anyone is chill enough to just meander back home after seeing the Upside Down break into the real world, it’s Argyle. But it feels like after getting attacked by the military, lending his place of work to help make a sensory deprivation tub for Eleven, and driving Jonathan and friends all the way to Hawkins, the least he deserves is to get to say goodbye.

For now, Eduardo Franco and Argyle will not return in Stranger Things 5. But we’ll keep our fingers crossed that changes.

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