Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them did the one thing I really needed it to: the film gave me a sense of wonder. Exploring the interior of Newt’s suitcase made me feel the same way I did when I saw Diagon Alley in Harry Potter for the first time. I was enchanted. The characters and creatures (maybe especially the creatures) pulled me into the Wizarding World and reminded me how much I’ve missed visiting. So, to honor my warm and fuzzy Fantastic Beasts emotions, I found a few pieces of art to show off in a long overdue Fan Art Friday round-up.

First up, this Newt Scamander on the move by Ashley Kincannon:

(See more of her art at Tumblr and Facebook.)

And look at this Niffler by Harleen:

Bianca Bester is working on a series of galactic creatures from the film. Behold, the Bowtruckle:

And to flip to the darker side, check out this Creedence illustration by Dakota:

Jump on down to the gallery below to see two more pieces of art—one with Queenie and Jacob and one with Newt. Take a minute to visit the portfolios of both those artists; the info is linked in the captions.

Do you create any sort of fan art? It doesn’t have to be from Fantastic Beasts, but I bet someone out there is making it his or her mission to draw all the creatures in the film–I would love to see that collection. I want to see all the fan art, actually. If you’d like to be featured in a future Fan Art Friday gallery, get in touch with me at [email protected] with examples of your work.

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