Family’s Sidewalk Becomes MONTY PYTHON’s Ministry of Silly Walks

Many of us are getting through COVID-19 quarantine by rewatching our favorite films and movies. But one family in Michigan has found a clever way to update a classic bit from Monty Python’s Flying Circus with the help of their neighbors, all while practicing safe social distancing. They’ve designated the sidewalk in front of their home as the jurisdiction of “The Ministry of Silly Walks.” And many who stroll by are taking it very seriously.

Liz Koto and her family (who we heard about at Bored Panda) have found a way to make everyone’s sojourn through their neighborhood in Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan a little more fun. And a whole lot more ridiculous. They’ve marked their little piece of concrete real estate as belonging to “The Ministry of Silly Walks,” made famous in the classic 1970 Monty Python sketch.

Signs posted at each end of their property order those passing through that they must “commence silly walking immediately.” And that’s exactly what they have been doing. Probably because they don’t have to file for a grant to develop their own silly walk. They can just do what they like without bureaucratic oversight. And they do it with the understanding their walks will be shared with the world. All of their silly walks are captured from the Koto family’s porch via their Google Nest.

The family has posted dozens and dozens of hilarious videos of people taking the absurd task as seriously as you would hope.

We know government spending is strained everywhere right now. But when things improve, we think some of these silly walks have a real shot at being funded by the Ministry. They show real absurd promise.

You can watch many more at the family’s Instagram page Yorkshire.Silly.Walks. Also, make sure you start developing your own silly walk in case you’re lucky enough to have your neighborhood fall under the ministry’s jurisdiction. Things are weird right now and we need all the silly we can get.

Featured Image: BBC

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