Dialing FALLOUT Series Phone Number Reveals Horrific Vault-Tec Easter Egg

Oh, Vault-Tec. Longtime fans of Fallout will know there’s something more than a little nefarious about the corporation. But in Prime Video’s Fallout series, Vault-Tec’s true evil nature is revealed in more intense and dramatic ways than ever before. And now, if you call an Easter egg phone number from the Fallout series, you can get a jump scare taste of the horrors Vault-Tec holds. Does this Fallout phone number reveal something about the series’ plot? Does the phone number hint at upcoming news about Fallout season two? Or is it just a metaphorical taste of Vault-Tec’s terror? You decide.

Fallout‘s Easter Egg Phone Number Actually Works

Cooper Howard doing the Vault Boy wink in the Fallout Tv series
Prime Video

In Fallout episode six, Cooper Howard (soon to be The Ghoul) has given a big thumbs-up to becoming the spokesperson for the Vault-Tec corporation. In a flashback, we see Howard filming an ad for Vault-Tec’s vaults, where he extolls their great virtues. “A vast and wonderful place, not made my god almighty but the working man,” Cooper Howard croons, “A veritable Camelot of the nuclear age.”

Of course, at the very end of this ad comes the sales pitch. Vault-Tec is a business, after all. “You can be a hero too by purchasing a residence in a Vault-tec Vault today.” Howard encourages, “Because if the worst should happen tomorrow, the world is gonna need Americans just like you to build a better day after.” To do that, Fallout‘s Vault-Tec wants you to call a phone number that flashes at the bottom of the screen.

Fallout Easter Egg Vault-Tec phone number with Cooper Howard (1)
Prime Video

We’re sure many audience members watching Cooper Howard’s performance at home rushed to dial into Vault-Tec. But it turns out that this Fallout phone number is actually an Easter egg, and you, too, can try your luck at securing a Vault.

And what is the Fallout phone number you ask? Well, you can give Vault-Tec a ring by dialing 213-25-Vault or 213-258-2858.

What Happens When You Call the Fallout Vault-Tec Phone Number?

Something sure does happen when you call this Fallout Easter egg phone number. In short, you’re treated to a jump scare. At the other end of Vault-Tec’s line is someone screaming—and not just a little. No, whoever is on the other end of this call is having a very bad day.

I tried calling Fallout‘s phone number a couple of times, just in case something different happened, and every time, I jumped a foot at the screaming. The howls go on for 18 seconds. So, be warned and dial accordingly.

Just to note, nothing different ever happened during any of the times I called this Fallout phone number.

You Can Also Text Fallout‘s Mystery Number

Fallout Lucy and pip boy
Prime Video

If you don’t want harrowing screams to fill your ears, you can also text the Fallout phone number instead of calling it. If you do, here’s the text message you receive from Fallout/Vault-Tec:

Thank you for texting Vault-Tec. The next available appointment is 33 weeks from now, please stand by!

That’s a little disquieting… until you realize both these messages are coming from the same place.

What Does Fallout‘s Easter Egg Phone Number Actually Mean?

Fallout Vault 33 Hank
Prime Video

So, what does Fallout‘s Easter egg phone number actually mean? Well, ultimately, it probably just stands for the horrors that Vault-Tec hides behind its sheen of niceties. On the one hand, you might get your please and thank yous! On the other, terrifying screams. The duality of this Easter egg really does capture the way Fallout‘s Vault-Tec operates.

That said, whoever is screaming on the phone might be a Fallout character we’ll meet in the future or one we already know. Meanwhile, looking at the text, while “33 weeks” could just stand for Vault 33, it could also stand for some kind of Fallout series announcement happening in 33 weeks. (That’s sometime in November.)

As Vault-Tec’s text message notes, “Please stand by!”

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