Fact: Vacation Photos Are Better With Dinosaurs

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Vacation photos are a tricky thing. Sure, they may have a lot of meaning to you, but once you try to show your buds a pic from your latest vacation, you can see their eyes slowly glaze over as you say, “And here’s me in front of the Lincoln Memorial!” So how can you up your vacation game? The answer is simple, of course: dinosaurs.

Imgur user ShadowBun recently blessed us with their vacation pics, and let me tell you what, adding a dino to your vacation pictures ups the interest level about 1000%. Tired of seeing the same old Insta pic out of an airplane window with some deep quote or song lyric captioning it? How about this instead?

Image credit: ShadowBun/Imgur

Sick of feeling simultaneously jealous and bored when you have to see another picture of your friend standing in ankle-deep ocean water while you ride out the rest of your day under fluorescent lights in your cubicle? Adding a dinosaur to your peach pic instantly makes your vacation snap fun for everyone:

Image credit: ShadowBun/Imgur.com

Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen traveling toys. Back in 2010 there was an actual travel agency called Toy Traveling that would mail your toys to magnificent places all over the earth and take pictures of their travels. Because I’d totally rather send my childhood toys on magificent global exploits rather than, you know, myself.

Image credit: toytravelingprague.com

…still though, you’ve gotta admit that’s an adorable, sight-seeing, stuffed monkey…
Of course, there are also examples of more lucid forms of traveling toy photography. Tumblr user Mr. Yan Solo takes pictures of different toys all over the world:

Image credit: Mr. Yan Solo/Tumblr.com

Or even Marty Cooper of Hombre McSteez who draws hilarious and adorable animation over real-life images from both vacation and regular life. Like this one of his helpful pen holder:

Image credit: Hombre McSteez/Tumblr.com

So basically, if you learn anything from this post, I hope you’ve learned that only YOU can prevent boring vacation photos. Whether you’re creating transparent animations, taking your toys on fabulous trips, or just doing a dino-themed vacation reel, it’s all awesome…and it’s all way better than making your friends and family sit through a slide show or power point from a vacation they didn’t get to attend. Seriously, way better.

Do you do anything unique in your vacation photos? What are some of your favorite examples of toys in vacation pics? Tell us about it in the comments! 

Image credit: ShadowBun/ Imgur.com

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