A Robot Dinosaur Explores a Stunning Mechanical World in This Stop-Motion Short

Animation styles may have evolved over the years, but we will always love and admire the skill required to make a beautiful stop-motion film. For instance, this incredible short about a robotic creature who wanders through a gorgeous mechanical world that is itself looking for new ways to grow.

“Fabricated,” which we came across at Laughing Squid, comes from director Brett Foxwell, who says the entire project took 10 years to complete. It follows Oto, “a half-bone, half-steel evolution machine” who looks like he’s part dinosaur, part dragon, and part robot. The film follows him from his creation to his journey through various locales in a mechanical world. His travels bring him to a “BrassMan” who believes Oto’s bones are a flaw, but Oto also meets other creatures who are bone/machine hybrids. Though just because they look like Oto doesn’t mean they are on his side.

Every time I watch this short I pick up on something new from the visually rich mechanical world, which, despite being an oxymoron, looks like a beautiful dystopian wasteland.

Foxwell also shared this behind-the-scenes video to show how he brought the film and its creatures to life. The vide also offers insights into what the various characters represent and what this entire journey is all about.

Just like the BrassMan and Oto, animation has evolved, but as “Fabricated,” proves new doesn’t always equal better. There will always be a place in the world for stop-motion.

What was your favorite part of this short film? Take as long as you want to tell us in the comments section below.

Featured Image: Brett Foxwell

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