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Whoever said that beauty was in the eye of the beholder wasn’t talking about the Beholders! For over 40 years, these monstrous creations have been one of the signature creatures in Dungeons and Dragons. Beholders are unique to D&D, and yet they come in so many varieties that it’s difficult to keep track of them all. Now, there’s an easy way to get up to speed on the Beholders before your next encounter with them.

YouTube user Mr. Rhexx has posted a video that explores the lore of the Beholders with information from several D&D source books and ancillary materials. Perhaps the most intriguing notion of the Beholders is that they are truly aliens to the fantasy realms that they inhabit. The Beholders hail from the far realm, an unexplored region of space beyond our galaxy that defies human comprehension. Beholders also have the unsettling ability to change reality around them with their dreams, and not even the Beholders themselves are immune from potentially unwelcome transformations from that experience.

Because so much of the Beholders’ power stems from the imagination, they don’t need other Beholders to reproduce. A new Beholder can simply spawn from a dream. Most of their magical abilities are channeled through their various eyes, and unlike the other races, the Beholders don’t have to invoke the magic words. Their powers flow naturally, and almost without limit.

There are so many variations of the Beholders that Mr. Rhexx couldn’t begin to cover them all in a single video. Therefore, he followed that video with a second installment that explored Beholder kin, including the incredibly powerful Death Tyrants. Even after this video, Mr. Rhexx promises that future installments will return to the Beholders and further explore their secrets.

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Image Credit: Wizards of the Coast

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