EVIL DEAD RISE Trailer Delivers Glorious Gore Through the Mother of All Evil

Behold, more Deadite terror for your pleasure is arriving in theaters this year. Ten years after the Evil Dead’s last film revamped its chaotic, funny, yet always chilling world, a new film is taking its horror from the woods to a scary new place. In my mind, small towns will always be scarier than the city but after seeing Evil Dead Rise come to life in its first trailer, I may have to change that belief… for now. 

There are two different versions of the Evil Dead Rise trailer: the green band and the more graphic and ominous red band offering. We have the green band above. Watch the latter at your own risk and tolerance level. But here’s the basic story for ya. This latest installment in the franchise does not feature Ash Williams nor the characters from the remake. And that is actually a good thing. Evil Dead Rise follows estranged sisters Ellie and Beth as they reunite at the former’s LA apartment.

Beth from Evil Dead rise trailer covered in blood and holding a double barrel shotgun
Warner Bros. Pictures

Beth soon finds herself in quite the conundrum alongside Ellie’s three children. One of her kids has somehow discovered the worst book in existence, bringing it from the depths of their building and unleashing something awful. Seriously, leave weird books alone, people. Ellie is… not okay and possessed by something that wants to kill everyone. Of course, we know this “something” to be a Deadite that is feasting on her soul. Now, everyone is fighting for their lives against this terrifying entity that is surely permeating the whole building. Possession in close quarters? Yes please.

photo of zombie looking woman cradling three kids for evil dead rise trailer poster
Warner Bros. Pictures

There’s also a wonderfully sinister poster with Ellie cradling her three young children. The “Mommy Loves You to Death” tagline is a heartwarming touch. The mother (of evil) just wants to give her kids a great big hug and kiss, right? Evil Dead Rise hits theaters on April 21, 2023 and I will be right there for all the glorious gore.

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