STAR TREK: SECTION 31 Shares First-Look Image

Cameras have begun rolling on Star Trek: Section 31, starring Oscar Winner Michelle Yeoh. She will reprise the role of Emperor Philippa Georgiou in the film, a character introduced in Star Trek: Discovery season one. Yeoh first played Captain Philippa Georgiou in the first part of Discovery, a decorated Starfleet Captain who died in the pilot episode. She then portrayed the version of that character from the darker Mirror Universe for much longer. Now stranded in the mainline Star Trek universe, she began working for the mysterious Federation spy cabal Section 31.

Star Trek Strange New Worlds First Look
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Although we don’t yet have a release date for Star Trek: Section 31, we recently learned that movie wrapped filming. Cast member Robert Kazinsky revealed the news on his Instagram. On the heels of this Variety also shared our very first look at the Star Trek film. Hopefully that means we’ll see even more movement on the movie sooner rather than later.

Kacey Rohl will play a young Rachel Garrett from The Next Generation in Star Trek Section 31

The article additionally revealed that Kacey Rohl will play “a young Rachel Garrett, a character first introduced on Star Trek: The Next Generation as the older fearless captain of the USS Enterprise-C.” Garrett appeared as captain of the Enterprise-C in Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s episode,  “Yesterday’s Enterprise.”

Michelle Yeoh as Phillipa Georgiou of Section 31, as seen in Star Trek: Discovery.

Here’s everything we know about Star Trek: Section 31 so far.


Section 31 Begins Production with Michelle Yeoh

Although many refer to it as simply Section 31, the proper title is, of course, Star Trek: Section 31.

Star Trek: Section 31’s Plot

Michelle Yeoh as Emperor Philippa Georgiou Star TrekL Discovery

Although originally planned as a series, it has since morphed into a film for the Paramount+ streaming service. The plot for Section 31 is unknown at this time. All we know is that it’s likely set in the same timeframe as Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. This would be some time after Discovery season two, and still several years before the events of the original series. At the end of Discovery season two, Phillipa Georgiou was sent to the far future with the Discovery crew. Not long after, the powerful Guardian of Forever sent her back to when she left. This leaves room for her Section 31 story to take place in that time period. The official description is as follows” “Tasked with protecting the United Federation of Planets, [Georgiou] also must face the sins of her past.”

Section 31 Agent Sloan (William Sadler) on Deep Space Nine.

The franchise introduced Section 31 as a concept in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. They were an organization so secret, they were not an official part of the Federation or Starfleet. However, they acted on their behalf. Many in Starfleet saw Section 31 and their covert and often immoral ways as against what the Federation stood for. They attempted genocide on the shapeshifting Changeling race behind the Dominion during the later seasons of DS9. In Discovery, we learn they were more of an official part of Starfleet a century before the events of DS9. Perhaps the Section 31 movie will reconcile how this covert group went from a known part of Federation intelligence to something of a galactic myth a century later.


Olatunde Osunsanmi will direct and executive produce the film, with Craig Sweeny serving as writer and executive producer. Alex Kurtzman and his production company Secret Hideout, which is behind modern Star Trek shows like Discovery, Picard, and Strange New Worlds, is also behind Section 31.

Star Trek: Section 31’s Cast

Michelle Yeo as Emperor Georgiou in a stylish outfit on Star Trek: discovery

Aside from Michelle Yeoh, also in the cast are Omari Hardwick, Kacey Rohl, Sam Richardson, Sven Ruygrok, Robert Kazinsky, Humberly Gonzalez, and James Hiroyuki Liao. No word yet on any known Star Trek franchise actors from Discovery or Strange New Worlds, but we expect to see at least some of them.

Star Trek: Section 31 Release Date

There’s no release date yet for Star Trek: Section 31, but we expect it no earlier than late 2025.

Originally published on February 2, 2024.

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