INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE Season 2 Promises ‘Cool Twist’ Not From the Books

In 2022, the adaptation of Anne Rice’s classic gothic saga Interview with the Vampire received a modern interpretation, as a series on AMC and AMC+. Season one, which consisted of eight episodes, reinvented Rice’s infamous undead heroes Louis and Lestat, and their progeny Claudia, for today’s audiences. After a year-long hiatus, the series returns this spring, with an all-new setting and featuring all-new characters.

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As we get excited for the season, star Sam Reid is giving us something to prepare ourselves for. He notes, “There’s a really fucking cool twist in this season that is not in the books that I struggled with because I was like, ‘This is different, and I’m not sure. But actually, you can justify it because when you look at the books and look at the way that they come out, and what happens in subsequent books after season one, there is a level of an unreliable element. You don’t always have to know the truth, because Anne Rice never really tells you the truth. She likes to change it up a bit.'” We can’t wait to see what this twist will hold.

Here is everything we know so far about Interview with the Vampire’s upcoming second season.

Interview with the Vampire Season 2’s Plot

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According to showrunner Rolin Jones, season two will consist of adapting the second half of Anne Rice’s original 1976 novel, or the second hour of the 1994 film. This finds Louis (Jacob Anderson) and Claudia fleeing New Orleans and their maker Lestat to travel to Europe. There, they encounter a coven of the undead who operate the Théâtre des Vampires in Paris. This is where Louis and Claudia meet Armand, who the season one finale revealed as having assumed the identity of Louis’ human assistant, Rashid, in the present-day Dubai scenes.

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Like the first season, Interview With the Vampire’s second season is executive produced by Mark Johnson, creator and showrunner Rolin Jones, and producer Mark Taylor. Still listed as executive producers are the late author Anne Rice and her son Christopher Rice. They mostly shot season two in Prague, with some scenes filmed in New Orleans.

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Interview with the Vampire Season 2’s Cast

The undead Louis (Jacob Anderson) Claudia (Delainey Hayles) and Armand (Assad Zaman) enter the Theater of the Vampires in Interview with the Vampire season two.
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Returning from season one are Jacob Anderson as Louis de Pointe du Lac, Sam Reid as Lestat de Lioncourt, Eric Bogosian as interviewer Daniel Molloy, and Assad Zaman as Armand. Replacing actress Bailey Bass in the role of Claudia is Delainey Hayles. Joining the cast in season two is Roxane Duran as Madelaine, Claudia’s vampiric “mother.” Ben Daniels also joins the cast as the cruel European vampire Santiago. Other new additions include David Costabile as Leonard, a seasoned TV personality who has a run-in with Daniel. Bally Gill plays someone called “Real Rashid.” We believe this is a character who inspired the vampire Armand’s human alias in the first season.

Interview with the Vampire Season 2’s Release Date

The second season of Interview with the Vampire will arrive on AMC and AMC+ on May 12.

Originally published on February 8, 2024.

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