Bid on Raccacoonie, Butt Plug Trophy, and More in EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE Auction

We love auctions for a good cause. And the next A24 auction, featuring props from the incredible Everything Everywhere All At Once, will support three of them: the Laundry Workers Center, the Transgender Law Center, and the Asian Mental Health Project. If that alone wasn’t enough to induce you, some of the movie’s best objects are on offer and ready for you to bid on them. That includes the Rockverse Rock, your very own pair of hot dog fingers, the ‘Auditor of the Month’ butt plug award, and the incredible chef Raccacoonie himself. Dare we say it? We’re in love with this auction.

The A24 Everything Everything All At Once auction is divided into three sections, each with its own incredible offerings. Here is how they breakdown:

Laundry & Taxes Auction: “Audit your life with tax-season friendly treasures from the everyday world of the Wang family, plus a few surprises from the Hot Dog universe. Together, life can be so delicious!”

In Another Life Auction: “The universe is so much bigger than you realize. Try on Jobu Tupaki’s Elvis jumpsuit, Evelyn’s Punk Cardigan, or a Raccacoonie-sized chef toque in the Another Life Auction”

Mementos from the Multiverse: “The Daniels took everything and put it on a bagel, and now we’re giving it to you. From Raccacoonie to the stunt double from the Rockverse, pick what you want to bring into your reality.”

Everything Everywhere All At Once auction includes Raccacoonie, Butt Plug Award, hot dog fingers and pet rock

These auctions all begin on February 23 at 12 PM ET and run through March 2 at 3 PM ET. Hopefully, your bids can be dropping on everything, everywhere, all at once!

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