Every Easter Egg We Spotted in the MS. MARVEL Finale

Ms. Marvel‘s six episodes have drawn to a close. And while we’re sad to see this series go, we’re definitely not done exploring its many Easter eggs and references yet. If anything, Ms. Marvel‘s final episode doubled down on its goodies, giving us some of the most shocking and exciting Marvel tie-ins of possibly any Disney+ show. Let’s take a look at all the Ms. Marvel Easter eggs we spotted in the show’s finale.

Of course, the biggest Marvel Easter egg that Ms. Marvel‘s finale gave to us is one big bombshell for the whole franchise. Yes, we are talking about the introduction of mutants into the MCU. In the final Ms. Marvel episode, we learn that Kamala Khan not only has multiversal connections, but her genetics have a specific “mutation” that gives her powers. Of course, that alone may have felt too subtle. So Ms. Marvel offers us an audible Easter egg as well, in the form of the theme from the X-Men ‘97 animated series. Let’s give an official, warm MCU welcome to mutants in our main timeline.

Professor X's yellow hovercraft from Multiverse of Madness (1).
Marvel Studios

Thoughts of mutants naturally bring us to thoughts of the X-Men. And it’s possible that Ms. Marvel may have also introduced us to some X-Men MCU antagonists before the team has even fully arrived. Could Damage Control end up creating the fearsome Sentinels, robots specifically designed to hunt mutants? Given all their appropriation of Stark technology and their very few qualms about using it against enhanced individuals, child or not, the organization seems primed for the role.

Carol Danvers looks shocked in Kamala's room on Ms. Marvel, an MCU Easter egg.
Marvel Studios

But mutants weren’t the only big MCU tease in the Ms. Marvel finale. Captain Marvel herself made an end-credits appearance, alluding to a deep cut from the comics. In an allusion to Captain Marvel #16, back before Carol Danvers was even Captain Marvel, it looks like the Nega bands have swapped Kamala and Carol’s places. We don’t know what that means yet, but we’re sure we’ll find out in The Marvels.

Of course, from comic-accurate shots to creator call-outs to Mean Girls references, there were a lot of other fun Easter eggs to close out Ms. Marvel‘s run. So make sure not to miss any of them. In the meanwhile, we can’t see what lies in store next for Kamala Khan.

Featured Image: Marvel Studios

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