Every Collectible Element on Earth Is In This Single Cube

This one is for periodic table enthusiasts: Back in 2015, there was a Kickstarter fundraising campaign created to bring to life The Element Cube, which, as you’d imagine based on its name, is a cube that contains a bunch of elements. It’s more than a bunch, though: UK designer Cillian McMinn says the cube contains 62 elements, or every “collectible element,” meaning ones that aren’t radioactive or otherwise unobtainable for other reasons ( via Mental Floss).

It’s a pretty neat item for several reasons, mainly because its creators claim it to be a world record holder for the largest alloy—a metal created by combining two or more metallic elements. Element collecting is also a pretty serious hobby for a fair amount of people, so if that’s something you’d be interested in getting into, The Element Cube is a fine way to get over half of the planet’s 118 elements in one purchase.At 1.5″ large, it looks nice on a desk and it’s a fun conversation starter. Say you’re looking to start conversations outside of your office, though, it’s also available as a wearable necklace, so you can talk about the periodic table with strangers at the park, at a coffee shop, in line at the bank, anywhere! The jewelry is also cheaper than a cube, for the frugal consumer: The Kickstarter campaign ended many moons ago, but the bracelet and necklace can be yours for £25 (about $31) each, and the cube will run you £55 (about $68).

If we’ve sold you, go ahead and purchase your wares here.

Featured image: The Element Cube/Kickstarter

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