Escape Your Little Nightmares In This Dark Adventure Game

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Down in the depths of The Maw, a nine-year-old girl named Six decides to make her escape from the mysterious vessel. Hunger pangs slow her down and she’ll eat anything that’s even remotely edible in order to survive and leave the horror behind.

In the dark adventure game Little Nightmares, you take on the role of Six and make your way through The Maw. Seen through the eyes of a child, the world is a scary place. You’ll have to resist the temptation of food throughout this puzzle-platformer and evade the Janitor, Guests, Chefs, and the supposed leader of The Maw, the Lady.

There’s more, though. With the release of the first of three downloadable levels, players will find themselves in The Depths of The Maw. This time playing as a young boy merely identified as The Runaway Kid, you’ll navigate treacherous waters as the heavily flooded world envelopes you. New challenges await, including The Granny, who wants nothing more than to grab you.

After escaping The Depths players will have even more challenges from Bandai Namco Entertainment, as the company will release two new downloadable levels in November and January, respectively, for Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

What scary video game places have you been to lately? Tell us in the comments!

Image Credit: Bandai Namco Entertainment

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