ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK Lifeclock Will Make Your Head Explode (with Cool Features)

No matter what state you think our country is in right now, it’s not nearly as bad as it was in John Carpenter’s 1981 cult classic film, Escape from New York. But even though crime rates may not be skyrocketing and no portion of the East Coast has been cordoned off to house a population of super-violent criminals, that doesn’t mean you can’t deck yourself out with some dystopian digital goodness.

That’s right: We’re talking about a real-life version of Snake Plissken’s Life Clock.

The Lifeclock One, which recreates the life clock Plissken “Call me Snake” ( Kurt Russell) wore in the film, is the creation of Johnathan Zufi and his Ridgewood Watch Company. The Lifeclock One has been officially licensed by the film’s studio, and includes way more than just a countdown until the explosives in Snake’s neck are going to explode.

The Lifeclock One by Ridgewood Watch Company

Along with the original digital countdown from the movie, the watch also includes all the features people have come to expect from modern-day smartwatches, including: countdown timer, date, eight world clocks, stopwatch, push notifications (SMS, missed calls, etc.), app notifications, weather, compass, step counter, and “camera control.” That last feature is a little vague, but we can only assume that it will come in handy the next time you need to take a picture of yourself gliding over a flaming Manhattan—or Cabo. Really wherever you like to vacation and glide.

The original Life Clock worn by Snake Plissken (Kurt Russel). AVCO Embassy Pictures.

The Lifeclock One is up on kickstarter now, and seeing as how it only has around $31,000 of its required $200,000 goal as if this writing, the pressure is on to get this project funded in the next 35 days. In other words, there’s a countdown happening right now, and somebody is asking you to come in and help get the job done. So whadya think? Should we call you “Snake,” or do you want to see a pardon—or a fully functioning prototype in person—before you put any cash down? Let us know in the comments below!

Images:  Ridgewood Watch Company, LLC

Let’s take a look at John Carpenter’s most famous film!

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