Equip Yourself for The School Year (Or Your Next Academic Adventure)

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As the summer season draws to a close, students everywhere are preparing for what will hopefully be another successful year in their educational career. We may have evolved from hand-crank pencils sharpeners to laptops in every classroom, but there are still a few essentials everyone needs with them on their quest for knowledge.

Rey’s Backpack

The latest installment of the Star Wars legacy, The Force Awakens, introduced us to exciting new characters, which in turn provides fans opportunities to celebrate the fandom in all new ways with props, merch, and costumes like never before. Here, ThinkGeek and GameStop came together to ensure that the film’s protagonist, Rey, travels with us wherever we go, even into the classroom.

Pack this Rey-inspired backpack with all of the materials you need for your very own adventure, and expect numerous compliments because not only is it semi-replica of her bag, but it also includes a patch of the Jedi-in-training herself atop a super cool speedster.

Doctor Who Pencils

Sure, phones, laptops, and e-books have replaced many of our former units of communication, but you can never be too prepared when it comes to your education. As any Whovian will understand, you have to approach the situation with the right tools, and the most classic instrument for anyone, other than The Doctor himself who would obviously prefer his screwdriver, would be  a pencil.

Remember, books are the best weapons, and be sure to listen to your instructors, especially if their classrooms are bigger on the inside.

Legend of Zelda Journal

Conquer your assignments with help from this Gate of Time-inspired Legend of Zelda journal, because don’t we all need a little time travel now and again?

The notebook includes 120 pages of space for all of your note-taking, doodling, and scribbling needs, and will look just magical in your book bag next to your flute and magical rod.

Personalized Comic Style Lunchbox

The best part of the school day, and any day ever to be honest, is meal time. Food is essential to life, so it’s important to be sure that yours is safe, sound, and properly labeled. Look no further than these personalized lunch boxes featuring the ever-popular retro comic design.

“Wham”, “bam”, and “pow” your way to a tasty lunch, and fuel your learning without fear of losing your cool. Impossible to do with the coolest lunch box of them all.

“Potter” Patronus Patch

For a subtle representation of your passion for geekdom, this sew on patch will add just the right flair to a jacket or backpack for tracking down others with an interest in the boy-who-lived.

Start off your school year with the most important introduction of all, what is your patronus, anyway? Highly important information if you’re ever traveling on a train to school and happen to run into any nasty Dementors.

How are you preparing for the upcoming school year? Share any particularly geeky supplies you may have purchased in the comments below, or tell me about them over on Twitter!

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures/Harry Potter

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