Enjoy All the Fun of Loot Distribution and Spellcasting with Dungeons & Dragons: Rock Paper Wizard

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Dungeons & Dragons: Rock Paper Wizard, from Wizkids Games is a small box game that takes the most thrilling aspect of Dungeons & Dragons and brings it to life. And by “most thrilling aspect of Dungeons & Dragons,” we’re talking about loot drama! But does this game live up to the D&D namesake? Let’s check.

In the game, you and 2-5 friends are wizards deep in a dungeon (check). Having just defeated a dragon (check and match, well done!), you are now faced with the arduous task of distributing the piles of gold from the dragon’s hoard. Of course, your wizards are soon at each other throats and players will find themselves flinging fire and polymorphs at one another using unique spell gestures. Think ‘Rock Paper Scissors’, but with more choices. Every round you can push other players back, advance yourself ahead, or steal from one another to get a piece of that golden pie. The players closest to the gold at the end of the round get a portion and you continue until one player has 25 gold or you’ve lost all your friends, whichever comes first.

Inside the Box are no strangers to mysterious boxes, but when an unexpected game arrives from Wizkids, the crew are eager to playtest it. Little do they know things are more sinister than they seem. A shadowy executive at Wizkids has lost more than one R&D group on this game, but he won’t let that stop him from releasing this dangerous product. Will the ITB crew uncover the plot before it’s too late? Well, stranger things have happened.

Inside the Box is a comedy tabletop game review series. Watch as they bring their favorite board games to life with a mix of visual FX, cinematic presentation, and an alarmingly immature sense of humor.

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