Elon Musk is Having a Way Better Month Than All of Us

With the barbecue-tinged bliss of the Fourth of July in our rearview mirrors and the sprawling fandemonium of Comic-Con coming up on the horizon, you might be thinking that you’re having a pretty good month. After all, it’s the middle of summer, so you might be off on vacation or able to finagle the odd three-day weekend here or there. But as it turns out, no matter how good you think your month is currently going, there is no possible way–scientifically, academically, empirically, you name it–that you’re having a better July than Elon Musk. The modern day Tony Stark is having such a tremendous July that we may as well be back in the hinterlands of February. Just what kind of midsummer night’s dream is unfolding for Musk? Allow Kyle Hill and me to break it down for you on today’s episode of Muskwatch.

Here’s a rundown of the highlights of Elon’s seriously excellent month we’ll be covering in today’s show:

  • The official launch of the Tesla Model 3
  • SpaceX makes history with the first privately-owned space capsule to be reused in a trip to the International Space Station
  • SpaceX’s COO asserts the company will produce as many as 20 rockets in 2017
  • The Boring Company’s mega drill completed its first section of underground tunnel
  • Elon Musk is horny for floors
  • …and much more!

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Sources:   CNN; Space.com; Futurism; The Verge; Gizmodo

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