Edible Eyeballs for your Halloween Party

Are you a haunted Vegan? Not to worry, these eyeball appetizers look disgusting but are just lychee, bluberries and a little bit of fake blood. Or is it fake? You’ll have to eat them to find out! (It’s fake, let’s not all freak out.) Watch a movie or host a  Nerdoween party and make these grotesquely delicious edible eyeballs!

Edible Eyeballs
-1 can lychees
-red food gel dye

Drain the lychee and wash and dry the blueberries.

In a small bowl add a few drops of red food gel dye with a teaspoon of water. With a clean kitchen brush, dab the lychee with the fake blood, it will immediately start running down the fruit making it even more gross looking.

Place one or two blueberries into the center of the lychee to serve.

Recipe and images: Jenn Fujikawa

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