Build Your Own Edible Chocolate Bonsai Tree

Japan’s history with Bonsai trees goes back a thousand years, when they were first introduced there from China. The miniature trees, available in many forms, connect their owners to nature. But if you’re looking for a modern way to connect your stomach with nature instead, you can now order an edible chocolate bonsai tree kit. It’s the perfect way to satiate both your love of bonsais and your sweet tooth.

The HEART candy company of Japan has released a delectable little DIY set (which we first heard about at DesignTAXI) that turns a beautiful bonsai into a tasty treat. Their Okashi de Tsukuru, which translates to Making a Bonsai Out of Candy, comes with three forming trays, molding chocolate, and green leaf powder.

The process of making your own edible tree is easy enough. You shape the chocolate into a mold that comes with two halves. After sticking them together, the full mold goes in the freezer. That creates a three-dimensional tree that can pass as a real bonsai after a little extra care. That involves flatter chocolate molds that lock in on top. The whole thing then goes into the freezer again for another short stay. When it’s ready, the green leaf powder and water mixture gets zapped for 50 seconds. The end result is a little array of foliage that goes atop the flat molded parts, creating a replica of a real bonsai tree.

DIY Kit Lets You Build An Edible Chocolate Bonsai Tree_1HEART

And like the real thing, the process is soothing. Only, instead of pruning, you’re building. Unlike the real thing, at any point you can pop the tree in your mouth without worrying about splinters.

As of now, all the deserved attention for the Okashi de Tsukuru has made it harder to find online. It was originally available for just ¥350 ($3.40 US). Now a listing at Amazon is as high as $27. Worse yet, it isn’t available for shipping to America. If only we had something that could sooth us. Or there was a way to eat our feelings. Too bad we can’t get ahold of the one thing we know would solve both problems.

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