Ed Sheeran’s GAME OF THRONES Cameo May Mean More Than You Thought!

There’s nothing we love more than when a popular musician drops by Game of Thrones for a cameo. Remember when Coldplay’s Will Champion dropped by for the Red Wedding? Nobody complained about that! But poor  Ed Sheeran got the brunt of the internet’s fury for his  appearance on last night’s season premiere. Why, it’s almost as if some fans saw fire! But don’t worry GoT fans, good Ser Ed probably won’t be around for too long…and yet he may leave an unexpected impression on Arya. Today’s Nerdist News is going to tell you why Sheeran’s cameo has potentially huge implications for the future of the show!There are potential spoilers ahead! As in the kind that you probably don’t want to know regarding the fate of a major character. You have one last chance to remain Unsullied. Consider yourselves warned!Join host, and the Lord of Light’s favorite singer, Jessica Chobot, as she explains the significance of the song, “Hands of Gold,” which should immediately make you think of this guy. That song originally appeared in the novels as a very creative way to blackmail Tyrion Lannister about his relationship with Shae. And in a twist, Tyrion actually repeated the lyrics while strangling the life out of Shae in his father’s bed. Why would the producers of GoT bring up the song now? For starters, the song’s soothing tones kept Arya from slaughtering the Lannister soldiers long enough to discover that they were simply normal men who longed for their families, unlike the brutes that she has previously encountered.The song also serves as a bit of foreshadowing for Cersei’s fate. We’ve long suspected that Jaime will once again have to commit regicide to prevent his sister/lover from unleashing more death upon King’s Landing. That golden hand may have to take the life of the woman that he loves, as prophesied years ago. He is technically Cersei’s younger brother (by seconds) and could very well become the Queenslayer. Although we suspect that Jaime would rather kill himself than go on living without Cersei. Whatever happens between those two, it’s gonna be dark.What do you think about the implications of “Hands of Gold?” Sing us a song in the comment section below! 

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