Become a Force of Nature in ECOS: FIRST CONTINENT

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You’ve always wanted to change the world, and in Ecos: First Continent, you actually can. In this competitive game for two to six players, you’ll create soaring vistas and flowing rivers, populate the land with flora and fauna, and shape the world as you compete to create an ecosystem that will survive and thrive.


Players will wield elemental energies to add creatures and build out the landscape. Game cards, map tiles, score boards, and more are distributed to players in the initial game setup. Let Becca Scott tell you how to set out the game pieces and get ready to play Ecos in this enlightening episode of How to Play.

Gameplay occurs in rounds, starting with the current player denoted as Harbinger. As the Harbinger draws elemental energy tokens, players simultaneously assign energy cubes to the game cards in their hand. A resolved game card can add a desert, water, or forest tile, let the player place or remove an animal token or mountain or forest token, gain energy cubes, or even award victory points.

Victory points are earned by meeting the criteria listed on the resolved card. Specific animals or map tiles can earn points according to the card’s directions, for example, or the card can simply grant points outright. Plan your ecosystem carefully to help your victory points grow. The first player to reach 80 victory points wins!

You can catch Becca and buds playing Ecos in this episode of Game the Game.

Ecos: First Continent can now be unearthed on Amazon and your friendly local game store.

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