DUNGEON IN A BOX Delivers D&D to Your Doorstep

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Why should the  Dungeons & Dragons fun stop just because real life gets in the way? Whether you haven’t had time to polish that story that you’ve been mulling about on your daily commute, or you don’t have a friendly local game store that’s, well, local, you can get adventure delivered right to your door with Dungeon In A Box.

Dungeon In A Box is a subscription kit that includes a brand-new Fifth Edition adventure book, “skinny” miniatures, terrain tiles, and maps sent to your house. And it’s packed with original art and stories you won’t find anywhere else, promising a breath of fresh dungeon air every month. (As fresh as dungeon air can get, anyway!)


Dungeon In A Box features content from talented in-house artists and writers like Nerdist and Geek & Sundry’s own  Amy Vorpahl. The adventure you receive every month is designed to give you a compelling, original campaign from start to finish. When you sign up for your first box, you’ll begin the exclusive “Secrets of the Greenwold” story arc for characters levels 1-2 that can last for an entire year. (The booklet even contains tips for playing the story with higher level characters.) By the time your players finish the first arc, they’ll be level 10 and ready to begin the next part of their journey. Or, you can play each months’s adventure as a one-shot in your own campaign–you’re the Dungeon Master!


Nestled inside your kit each month you’ll also find “Skinny Minis,” laser-cut acrylic tokens that serve as colorful and durable miniatures for your dungeon maps. You’ll receive twelve inside every box. If your bookshelves are already bursting with minis and maps, you can even sign up for digital content instead of a physical box. Pick the plan that’s right for you and start the adventure this summer!

We’ve partnered with Dungeon In A Box to bring you a special offer! Sign up for the physical box service from July 23, 2019 to midnight on July 28, 2019 and you’ll receive two extra Reapers Minis in your first box.

This post is sponsored by Dungeon In A Box.

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