This DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Baby Beholder Costume Will Paralyze You with Cuteness

The word “cute” might not cross your mind when looking at one of Dungeons & Dragons most iconic monsters, the grotesque beholder, but this sweet baby in her purple “baby-holder” costume might change your opinion. The one-of-a-kind costume was knitted by Mazzmatazz, a self-described “knit-cro-mancer” and an obvious fan of Dungeons & Dragons. Be sure to take a look at their other knitted creatures from the Monster Manual (or commission your own!) to be even more amazed by their monstrous talent with yarn and needles.

Beholders are classic magical monsters that have proven to be the bane of adventuring parties in their early quests for fame and glory. You can see them in their usual, non-knitted form in the featured image above. Each eye stalk of the creature can wreak havoc on players, from instilling fear, to petrifying, to charming and turning a player against his companions. This knitted beholder might not scary anyone, but the look definitely has the same charming effect on anyone who looks at the photos shared by her proud parents.

The baby-holder herself is the daughter of Will Doyle, co-author of Wizard of the Coasts’ Tomb of Annihilation, and illustrator and artist Stacey Allan. Stacey has even thought of what all of those teeny, adorable eye-stalks can do to happily hapless adventurers: called this look his daughter’s “first D&D cosplay,” and we hope that means there will be more adorable monsters in the future for us to “ooh” and “ahhh” over. (The good kind of “ahh,” not the “Ahhh, a beholder!” kind.)

Which D&D monsters do you think would make adorable costumes? Tell us in the comments.

Images: Wizards of the Coast, Will Doyle

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