Old Spice Created a “Gentleman Class” for DUNGEONS & DRAGONS

After this year’s Super Bowl, we’ve learned that anything can be a Tide ad, even an Old Spice commercial! But Old Spice has gone even further outside the box than Tide with its latest campaign, opting to reach gamers who love Dungeons and Dragons. Earlier this week, Old Spice revealed that it has unofficially created its own class within D&D: the Old Spice Gentleman Class.

We first noticed this story at, and you can download a well-designed PDF file here that fully explains the Gentleman class and what they can do within the game. Old Spice isn’t hiding the fact that it’s trying to sell itself to gamers. In fact, selling Old Spice is part of the very motivation of the Gentleman Class! It’s even written into their official description: “The Gentlemen will always find a way to rise above any challenge and inspire their companions to greater feats, all in the name of selling more Old Spice deodorant than Old Spice is already selling.”Perhaps that’s why one of the Gentleman’s higher level abilities is to heal their allies “with their pleasing scent.” When starting out, Gentlemen can only use catchphrases or punchlines that inspire their allies and hurt their enemies…or at least hurt their enemies’ feelings. Other abilities of leveled-up Gentlemen include the power to instantly summon a horse, and players can even turn into an intelligent dog. We’re tempted to try it just for that! What do you think about Old Spice’s new Gentleman Class for Dungeons and Dragons? Roll for initiative in the comment section below!

Images: Old Spice

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