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DUNGEONS & DRAGONS to Launch 24-Hour Streaming Channel This Summer

Now we know the nerds have truly inherited the Earth. Announced via Variety, Hasbro’s Entertainment One, or eOne, is launching a free 24-hour streaming channel dedicated solely to Dungeons & Dragons. That’s right, in addition to the current feature film Honor Among Thieves and an upcoming live-action series, the iconic RPG will now stake a claim to its very own network. The Dungeons & Dragons Adventures FAST channel (Free Ad Supported TV) has no distribution partner just yet, but a summer launch is in the cards.

The logo for the upcoming Dugeons & Dragons FAST channel.
Hasbro/Wizards of the Coast

So what can Dungeons & Dragons super fans expect from this new channel? For starters, it will include several original celebrity-focused unscripted series. These include programs like Encounter Party, based on the podcast, and the comedy improv Faster, Purple Worm! Kill! Kill!, of which series co-creator Matthew Lillard will retain involvement. There’s also the talk show/cooking competition Heroes’ Feast.

Dungeons & Dragons is going to be a TV series, dragon fighting a knight
Hasbro/ Wizards of the Coast

And yes, the classic 1980s Dungeons & Dragons Saturday morning cartoon show will be among the offerings. You didn’t they’d forget that one, did you? The channel will also have plenty of third-party content from more internet creators and D&D influencers, including lots of live gameplay. Hey, if there are 50 or more golf channels, it’s high time someone rolled the d20 on a D&D channel.

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