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DUNGEONS AND DOGGIES Adds Canine Adventurer Minis to Your Fantasy Quests

If there’s one thing the Air Bud movies have taught us, it’s that dogs can do anything—even people stuff. If there’s a second thing the continued existence of that same franchise has taught us, it’s that we love to see them do people stuff and it never gets old. But Air Bud movies typically don’t have the budget to give li’l doggies wizard powers and have them fight monsters or quest for treasure. That’s where your imagination—and a Kickstarter that has already raised over a thousand percent of its goal—comes into play.


Via Kotaku, this set of 12 miniatures plus a bonus figurine from the webcomic Dungeons and Doggos can be yours for 27 UK pounds (the unit of currency, not the canine jail), along with a sample adventure and rules. And while of course you are free to create your own backstories, they do come with bios and names like Tedric the Chihuahua Rogue and Svetlana the Beagle Barbarian.

There’s just something about dogs in hats. But you’ll have to paint them yourself, as they come like this:

The bases are approximately two centimeters in diameter, which gives you an idea of the size, and just how much detail is packed into each sculpt. Expansion plans include more breeds, and maybe cats as well (good luck getting a bunch of cats to agree on a single quest, though).

In terms of alignment, we’d have to think there isn’t much of a choice. Nobody ever asks, “Who’s a neutral boy?” or “Who’s an evil boy?” Some heroes are just born good.

Are you ready for… wait for it… a game of Air DnD? Let us know in comments.

Images: Kickstarter/ Russ Charles

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