Control Arrakis With New DUNE: SPICE WARS Video Game

You no longer need to lead a great house or be the Kwisatz Haderach to control Arrakis. Nor do you even need to form an alliance with the Fremen to secure desert power. You just need to be good at playing real-time strategy games. Because Frank Herbert’s seminal sci-fi novel-turned-big screen adaptation (twice over) is coming to Steam. And Dune: Spice Wars‘ first trailer is a stark reminder those priceless sands are dangerous in every type of media.

Funcom and Shiro Games announced more about their new venture, which takes fans back to Dune‘s most important world. Spice Wars challenges you to “lead your faction and battle for control and dominance over the harsh desert planet of Arrakis.” And you’ll get to do it by playing as some of the franchise’s most famous figures, like Duke Leto Atreides or the Baron Vladimir Harkonnen.

Dune: Spice Wars, which features 4X elements, includes many of the series’ signature elements. Ornithopters will let you “discover resources, villages, and points of interest.” All while you harness the planet’s resources through buildings and spice harvesters to make sure you also control Arrakis’ economy.

The Baron Harkkonen character page from the video game Dune: Spice World
Funcom/Shiro Games

Players will also get to choose how they try and gain control of the most valuable planet in the galaxy. You can opt for “subterfuge, political influence, economic supremacy, or open warfare.” You’ll also employ secret agents to engage in some top-notch sabotage of your enemies. And you can even vote on political resolutions in the Landsraad to help you in your quest. You’ll ultimately need more than diplomacy and treachery, though. This trailer makes clear that even the smartest diplomats and schemers will need to be ready to fight. A planet this important won’t go down with some bloodshed.

Meanwhile, even the best video game players and Dune fans will still have those pesky sandworms to deal with. Talk about real desert power.

Planes fly over a sandstorm in a gameplay still from Dune: Spice World
Funcom/Shiro Games

Dune: Spice Wars comes to Steam later this year. But you can apply for early access right now while the game is in development. Because while no one will ever truly control Arrakis, you could at least help shape the game it inspired.

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