DUNE: PART TWO’s Sandworm Attack Comes to Life in Giant New Poster

Dune: Part Two was a big deal at the box office. It was also a big deal with critics. And, of course, it featured some really big sandworms. So it’s only fitting the second installment in Denis Villeneuve’s epic adaptation of Frank Herbert’s seminal novel is now getting a really big poster. Mutant is releasing a limited-edition Dune: Part Two fine print that measures four feet wide. It has to be gigantic, because it celebrates the Fremen attack against the Emperor’s forces atop a Shai Hulud fleet. And Nerdist has not only has your exclusive first look at this stunning and massive piece, we can tell how to be one of the lucky few who gets their Maker hooks into one.

Two hands near a blue wall hold up a giant Dune: Part Two poster showing a Fremen sandworm attack

Artist Greg Ruth has created a work of art worthy of the Lisan al Gaib. Coming in at 48×20 inches in size, this fine art print of the film’s grand sandworm battle comes printed on Moab Entrada paper. That’s an archival and acid-free cotton rag material that assures it will outlast the Kwisatz Haderach. Moab Entrada’s texture also contributes to this piece’s unique appearance.

This paper’s depth helps visually capture the look and feel of the film’s iconic spice-filled planet.

Multiple copies of Mutant's giant Dune: Part Two poster showing a Fremen sandworm attack piled on one another to show just one detail

Unlike the countless grains of sand in the Arrakis desert, though, only a few of these will ever exist. Mutant will sell just 80 copies of the poster, which comes printed by Static Medium. Each will cost $150, and we doubt they’ll be available for very long. (All of Mutant’s other Dune posters are sold out.) If you want to grab one be on alert like a Sardaukar warrior right when they go on sale Thursday, May 9 at 12PM CST. They’ll be sold at  Mutant’s official online site

Considering everything else connected to Dune: Part Two, this big poster is going to be a really big deal with fans.

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