IMAX Theaters Is Hosting an Exclusive DUNE Preview

The wait for part one of director Denis Villeneuve’s Dune has been much longer than anyone wanted. The film was originally scheduled to arrive in theaters last December. For obvious, responsible reasons, its premier was pushed back to October 22 this year. But the spice isn’t the only thing that must flow. The hype train must too. And the Dune hype train is about to enter a very big station. Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures are teaming up with IMAX to give fans a chance to see unreleased footage from the film, along with an all new trailer. In a special event that is totally free to attend.

“IMAX Presents: An Exclusive Look at Dune” will provide eager moviegoers an opportunity to visit Arrakis early. On July 21 and 22, select IMAX theaters around the world will show “never-before-seen footage, music from the film, and more.” All before the debut of an entirely new trailer. And you don’t have to pay a cent to see it. The event is free.

To attend you do have to act fast, though. Tickets are available on a “first come, first served” basis. Registering for a ticket does not guarantee you a seat either. Just a chance to get a seat if you are early enough to get in line.

Timothee Chalamet and Rebecca Ferguson in the desert in Dune.Warner Bros./Legendary Pictures

US and Canadian residents can be in attendance at multiple IMAX theater locations around both countries. For a full list of select North American cities and to register for tickets head to the event’s official website. That’s where you can also find a list of participating international countries.

We’re not sure this event will make waiting until October to actually see the film any easier. But we’re onboard with a free opportunity to get another glimpse at why we’ve been so excited all this time.

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