Dude Performed The Music Along With SUPER MARIO WORLD’s Entire First World

A quick show of hands from our readers: How many of you have played and replayed and replayed Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo what feels like a thousand times? Yes, we’ll count your playthroughs on the Game Boy Advance port as well. Great, it looks like most of you have your hands up. It’s an all-time classic, and aside from the super tight gameplay that sets a standard platforming games today are still trying to live up to 25 years later, and aside from the colorful graphics that, again, few other games have been able to achieve, the title’s music is also wildly memorable.

There’s not a portion of the game that seasoned players can’t hum along to, whether it’s the title screen or the overworld music or the jaunty tune from the first world levels. While we’re busy with our super basic humming, though, YouTuber samuraiguitarist is out here playing all the instrumental parts of every song along with the game.Well, he’s not playing the game while doing all of this, because if he could, he’d have too many limbs. Instead, while a playthrough of the game is going in the upper corner, we see edited-together clips of him doing the various instrumental sections of the songs (he even does the sound effects like coin collecting and jumping), and it breathes new life into a soundtrack that we didn’t think could even use it.

This also really reminds us of that time one man played Mario Kart 64 with some hilarious/perfect musical accompaniment from his friends:

Featured image: Nintendo

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