Drones Playing Fruit Ninja Looks Cool but is Definitely Kind of Terrifying

Ever since Fruit Ninja hit our phones in 2010, humanity has strived to find ways to recreate the produce-slicing game in real life. Those endeavors usually end with either blood or somebody getting hit in the head by a rogue apple. But seeing how seven years is an eternity in technology time, new gadgets that have come to light may finally be able to make our dreams come true. Drones weren’t really a consumer item when Fruit Ninja debuted, so we never thought to pair the two up. But somebody finally has, and what they ended up with is an airborne death machine ( via Sploid).

To be clear, our lawyers don’t recommend we tell you to affix a knife to a drone and fly it around because we don’t want that blood on our hands, but YouTuber Giaco Whatever did it on his own and we’re thankful. If that name sounds familiar, he’s the same guy who made that Nerf gun that breaks the sound barrier not that long ago. This time, his weapon is traveling at a measly 70 miles per hour, which is plenty fast enough to slice clean through bananas, cucumbers, kiwis, and all of the fresh fruits in stock at your local supermarket.

The slow-motion footage, captured at 4,000 frames per second, is downright poetic, and everything the 2010 versions of ourselves dreamed of. Again, we can’t be clear enough that you don’t try this for yourself if you still want to have enough fingers left to play actual Fruit Ninja, but let us live vicariously through this brave soul.

Despite our many warnings, is this something you’d love to try? Hit us up on Twitter and let us know!

Featured image: Giaco Whatever

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