Drones Making a Cake Is an Act of Dangerous Deliciousness

There’s no doubt about it: The making of cakes that are delicious for both the peepers and the ol’ taster is high art. But because we’re living in the future, flying robots armed with ladles and candy-based weaponry are stepping up and trying to claim cake-making as a skill that falls into the purview of the robo-realm. Don’t turn in your toques quite yet, though, keepers of the oven, ’cause these drones are sloppier than a blind Stormtrooper in a firefight.

The video of the cake-making drones, which comes via Laughing Squid and is entitled “Drones & Cake,” is the work of advertising agency DDB. Director Lucas Zanotto and an extensive creative team put together the dazzling video, which is actually an advertisement for Telia, “Norways [sic] best 4G net!”

Although the drones pull off all kinds of lovely little stunts, including dispensing whipped cream from a can and dropping blueberries like little delicious antioxidant bombs, the most spectacular portion of the build is definitely the Smarties gun (Smarties being the little candy-covered chocolate pieces, not the tart discs everybody is going to try and pawn off on you this Halloween):

There’s a great BTS video as well (below), which shows how the drones were built, along with how difficult they were to control and utilize. And if you look closely, at around 1:29, you can see that some green poles were used to prop up the drones for at least one step of the cake-making process. This is only noted to further cement—frost?—humans as the true (current) kings and queens of making cakes.

Besides, wouldn’t it be way better if we were able to make the cakes and then call in a team of flying robots to clean up? Yes, it would.

What do you think about these cake-making drones? Bake your thoughts at 325 degrees fahrenheit in the comments below!

Images: DDB

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