Drone Over a Middle Ages Festival Taken Down by A Spear

What didst thou thinketh, that ye modern gadgets of wizardry and dark magic would rule the skies over all of mankind with impunity? Goats and monkeys! For whilst ye have proven much in the ways of the gods, thou art but men, and even the false idols of steel and bronze forged by men may be strucketh down from a warrior skilled in the ways of ye olden times.

TRANSLATION: A man at a Russian Middle Ages festival took down a drone with a freaking spear.

]We first came across this classic battle of man vs technology at Popular Science, where they shared the video from the YouTube channel Беспилотник над Липецком…oh, sorry, let me just throw that in the old Google translator for you…from the YouTube channel UAV at Lipetsk, and it is from the point-of-view of the drone itself.

The participant, clad in the appropriate attire to make the entire encounter all the better, ignoring the mock battle everyone else was focused on, quickly grabbed a spear and rushed towards the drone. He took just one small step and heaved, taking it down like a true marksman.

Now the makers of this video were kind enough to put the drone kill shot right at the start, and also included a slowed down close up at the end, but if you are interested in what a Russian Middle Ages festival looks like then watch the rest of it too. It seems like a wonderful time was had by all…well except for the guy that owns the drone I guess, but even then, he got an awesome video out of it.

If you had one shot to take a drone down with a single throw, what would you use? Strike our comments section below with your best ideas.

Image: UAV at Lipetsk

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