Drone Captures Amazing Up-Close Look of Erupting Volcano

Volcanoes are simultaneously terrifying and majestic. They are capable of putting on nature’s greatest performance, in an awesome display of our planet’s power. However, as the frozen denizens of Pompeii will always remind us, a volcano is also capable of wiping out an entire city and everyone in it. It’s why those blasts of lava are best enjoyed from afar, where your safety is guaranteed. But there’s nothing wrong with risking some machinery. And that’s what one person recently did in Iceland. They used their drone to capture truly stunning footage of a volcanic eruption.

Bjorn Steinbekk, who calls himself a “guy with a drone,” put his to work recently. (In a video we first saw at CNET.) He managed to film one of the coolest videos we have ever seen. Like an actual volcano, this footage has us gaping in wonder while simultaneously being scared out of our minds.

Fagradalsfjall volcano, which is located roughly 40 kilometers from the Icelandic capital of Reykjavik, erupted after weeks of anticipation. It’s the shield volcano’s first burst in nearly 800 years. That’s one hell of a way to wake up from a lengthy nap. Fortunately, thanks to warnings, no one has been harmed by the all of the (:Dr. Evil voice:) liquid hot magma.

Up-close drone footage of a river of lava coming down from an active volcano that is still eruptingBjorn Steinbekk

Steinbekk’s drone almost was though. He piloted his up alongside the lava as it was pouring down the still erupting volcano. He knew the risk too. In the video’s description he wrote, “I really thought I would never see my drone again, but man, this was so thrilling to capture!!!” Yes. Yes, it was. This is absolutely remarkable. The drone gives you better than a bird’s eye view. You might as well be walking next to the river of fiery death.

If you want to see more of mother nature’s best light show, scientists have also set up a live webcam so you can check in from the safety of your own home.

Which is really nice. Because we want to see as much of this as we can. But, unlike this drone, your computer won’t be at risk of instantly turning to ash. It’s still best to watch volcanoes from afar.

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