Give the Gift of (Hideous) Laughter With A DRAGON WALKS INTO A BAR

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Whether you want to be the popular player who makes everyone at your table laugh, or you play a bard who needs some jokes stashed in his arsenal, the perfect book is just waiting for you to crack it open! A Dragon Walks Into a Bar has over 300 groan-worthy RPG-themed puns, jokes, and one-liners in a slim tome that even fits inside the stocking of your favorite tabletop game player. You won’t need to roll high on your investigation check to find gems like this one:

Why don’t dragons like to eat paladins?
They taste lawful.


Written by podcasters Jef Aldrich and Jon Taylor, this collection of role-playing game themed jokes is guaranteed to make you laugh. The authors obviously have a love for tabletop RPGs, even including tables for rolling hilarious additions to your game like unlikely treasure, randomly generated NPCs, and tavern names. (We’d definitely stop for a drink at The Drunk Chunk.) Inside the pages of A Dragon Walks into a Bar there are also lightbulb jokes, monster jokes, puns, and so much more just waiting to be told.

Disclaimer – We are not responsible for your friends kicking you out of the adventuring party after you attack them with puns like these:

Did you hear about the gathering of the barbarians?
It was a real rager.

A lot of these jokes require some knowledge of Dungeons & Dragons, but the authors also include helpful footnotes if you need just a little bit of explanation. It’s also worth noting that this is generally not a book for kids. While there are many jokes and puns that they’ll love to hear, there are some grownup-level zingers in there as well, so you may want to flip through it first before handing it over to the youngest adventurers.

A Dragon Walks into a Bar is now available at your favorite bookstore. Be the hero this holiday by giving it to the role-playing gamers in your life!

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