DRAGON BALL’s Goku and Frieza Get Their Own Adidas Sneakers

Throughout the various incarnations of Dragon Ball, the rivalry between Goku and Frieza has been one for the ages.

Not even death has slowed down the epic Goku vs. Frieza fights, and now the series’ most iconic hero and villain are taking their battle to a new arena. Adidas has unveiled the first two sneakers from its Dragon Ball Z collection, which will let fans choose between Goku or Frieza. Via Sneaker News, the Son Goku sneakers will feature the orange and blue colors that adorn Goku’s signature robes.

If the design looks familiar to sneaker aficionados, it’s probably because the shoe is an Adidas ZX500 RM.

In the photo below, you can see the Dragon Ball Z logo on the insole of the shoe.

Frieza’s shoe emphasizes the white and purple colors that we’ve come to associate with the evil intergalactic despot. Frieza may be a bad guy, but this design seems a bit more stylish than Goku’s gaudy colors.

The Frieza shoes are Adidas Yung-1, and they feature “leather, suede, and corduroy materials.” It also looks pretty sharp from the side.

As before, the Dragon Ball Z insole is visible from above.

The Adidas Dragon Ball Z collection is expected to launch in early August, and we’re very curious to see  if there will be future additions. The Dragon Ball universe has a vast line-up of characters who could potentially be turned into shoes, if these sneakers prove to be popular with fans.

What do you think about the Dragon Ball Z sneakers? Assume your final forms in the comment section below!

Images: Toei Animation/Adidas

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