The Best DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ Mod Adds Nicolas Cage

Dragon Ball Z fans have been raving about the Dragon Ball FighterZ since its release in late January. It didn’t take long for PC gamers to start adding unique mods to allow new characters to play in the game. And naturally, people started mashing gaming universes together to see how iconic characters would fare against one another in no time.

As with anything on the internet, it started out innocently enough with bringing Sonic the Hedgehog into the Dragon Ball Z fold. For years, the debate has raged on whether or not Sonic or Frieza would win in a fight, and this mod brought to us by YouTuber  Beatz finally seeks to answer that question. Maybe Frieza doesn’t offer much resistance in this video, but it’s still a delightfully fun showdown to watch. Our favorite blue hedgehog has shown up in several mods over the years, but getting to watch him kick ass in this one is a blast. We can only hope this mod will be playable someday.

But that wasn’t the only Dragon Ball FighterZ mod we saw. Kotaku tipped us off to one that really embodies the weird-yet-amazing vibe PC mods so frequently have. Instead of integrating a character from another video game universe, YouTuber  SLOplays got creative creative, giving Frieza’s look an upgrade–actually, these modders gave Frieza the best upgrade that any creature could have asked for: integrating Nicolas Cage‘s face onto several spots of Frieza’s body.

Unfortunately, this mod doesn’t empower with Frieza any special Cage-bilities such as an advantage in attacks when holding a freshly-stolen copy of the Declaration of Independence, but it’s a hoot to watch. Frieza’s head looks like some creepy Nic Cage aquarium, and it’s just the kind of modding oddity we’re here for.

What are some of your favorite Dragon Ball FighterZ mods? Tell us about them in the comments!

Feature Image: SLOplays

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