Dark Horse Comics Announces DRAGON AGE: DECEPTION!

Dark Horse Comics is bringing us another  Dragon Age tie-in comic! Since Dragon Age: Origin‘s debut in 2009, BioWare‘s Dragon Age universe has captured the hearts and minds of fans, leading to numerous game, novel, and comic spin-offs that have only deepened the lore of and fascination for the world of Thedas. Today, Dark Horse announced that the creative team behind the fantastic Knight Errant will return this October for an all new adventure.

Titled Dragon Age: Deception, this new tie-in will feature writers Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir, artist Fernando Heinz Furukawa, colorist Michael Atiyeh, and cover artist Sachin Teng, whose absolutely gorgeous art you can marvel at below.

Dragon Age: Deception will weave a twisted tale about a con artist in Tevinter. The main character will be Olivia Pryde, a failed actress turned successful con artist who journeys to the city of Ventus. There she targets the head of a wealthy house, Calix Qintara. But as Olivia gets closer to Calix, she realizes that he is not exactly who he says he is; Olivia soon recognizes that she may be in too deep, and that they may no longer be playing her game.

Dragon Age: Deception #1 goes on sale October 10, 2018, and is currently available for pre-order at local comic book shops. This will be the first of three comics in the series.

Dark Horse also has several other Dragon Age tales coming down the pipeline, so be sure to also keep an eye out for Dragon Age: Hard in Hightown (July 31, 2018), Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne Deluxe Edition (September 18, 2018), and Dragon Age: The Calling Deluxe Edition (October 17, 2018).

What are you most looking forward to in this latest comic? Let us know in the comments!

Images: BioWare, Dark Horse Comics

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