Dracula’s Castle Gives Out Vaccinations Instead of Vampire Bites

COVID-19 vaccines are continuing to roll out to the masses across the world. The need to get shots in lots of arms means some unorthodox measures are taking place, including turning stadiums and museums into vaccination stations. Basically, anywhere that can fit a ton of people into it. But, if you’re a horror fan, there’s one really cool place to get your shot: Dracula’s castle.

According to DesignTaxi, medical professionals are lining the creepy corridors of Bran Castle in Romania (specifically Transylvania) with Pfizer shots for visitors. Throughout the month of May, visitors who get a vaccination will get free access to the castle’s medieval torture exhibit. There are 52 torture instruments to check out, one for each week of the year. Surely all of them are much worse than a small jab in your upper arm.

a photo of the exterior of Bran Castle, the inspiration for Dracula's home

Bran Castle

The castle is supposedly the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s classic novel Dracula. It’s a push to get more vaccinations out to Romanian residents in larger numbers. This effort will presumably include people who live outside of the country and are there are tourists too.

The BBC reports that the country plans to have 10 million people with full vaccination status by September 2021; however, it’s not an easy task with around half of the population saying they do not want to get a vaccine. There’s nothing more motivational than a trip to Dracula’s home, right?

The vampire-centric promotional materials are rather cool with medical workers wearing fang stickers. And, of course, there’s a photo of a mouth with two syringes replacing the famous vampire’s fangs. Anyone who is a horror fanatic can also earn bragging rights about getting their shot at the infamous horror location.

Dracula will not sink his fangs into anyone (at least we hope not) but there will be vaccines going into humans to help them stay safe. And that’s always great news to hear.

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