Dr Pepper Peeps for Easter Raise Many Questions

Chief among the many questions that this new Peeps flavor raises is the simple one of, “Why?” Soda-flavored versions of none soda things are always a bit of a contentious offering. Love a coke flavored slushy or hate it, you definitely feel a certain way about it. It’s never just going to be fine. And these Dr Pepper-flavored Peeps feel like they’ll go in that direction. But above all, we feel we really must ask, why are these Dr Pepper Peeps an Easter item? We’ll have to ponder that one for a minute. Dr Pepper has always felt much more agnostic to me.


But hey, who are we to pass judgment? We’ve experienced all kind of bizarre combinations of food flavors. We’ll just put Easter Dr Pepper Peeps right next to Thanksgiving candy corn. It’s a feast for the five-year-old within us all. What do these sodalicious Peeps actually taste like, though? Their description sadly doesn’t make it too clear. So you’ll have to try them yourself. But we’re imagining something of a sugary onslaught.

Here’s what the official Peeps description has to say about this Dr Pepper variety:

These delicious, one-of-a-kind Chicks combine sweet marshmallow with the unique and refreshing flavors of DR PEPPER®.

As we said, that’s not much to go off of. Do they evoke cherry? Are they more licorice heavy? We guess you’ll have to take the plunge and commit to Dr Pepper Peeps this Easter. Who knows, they may become a whole new family tradition. We suppose while you’re at it, you could sip some of the soda and compare notes. Who knows, Dr Pepper may very well soon come out with a Peeps flavor to come full circle. Now that would make sense as an Easter treat. And hey, their chocolate version of the soda was actually good!

Dr Pepper peeps are available exclusively at Wal-Mart. Happy hunting for these chicks.

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